Shia’s Homemade Granola Penang

On the corner of Beach St and Church St Gaut in the Commercial district of Georgetown, Penang, you will find an old grey coloured building called India House. Built in 1937 in an Art Deco Style by a wealthy Indian Chettier, it is mostly remembered for housing the United States Information Services. Today, it appears a little run down and the Indian architecture is somewhat obstructed by sign boards attached to the front along the Beach St side.

India House Penang, Indian Chettier Penang, India House, cnr of Beach St & Church St Gaut, George Town, Penang

Once you’ve had a good look at the front of this impressive building with it’s elephant sitting in pride of place below it’s name, take a walk along the Church St Gaut side and just a couple of doors along you will find a bright and welcoming little shop that is home to Shia’s Granola.Shia's Granola Shop. Church St Gaut Penang, Homemade Granola, India House George TownShia’s Granola in the India House Building on Church St Gaut

Now in it’s 3rd year of what is fast becoming a regular stop for Penangites who are serious about their health, this cute little shop is surely here to stay.

Considering the healthy nerds that the Patient Partner and I profess to be, I am seriously surprised that we haven’t found Shia’s until this year, after all, we only live a couple of blocks way!  As soon as Facebook (thank you) alerted us to what we have been missing  for the past two years we were there like a shot, eager to try a new taste sensation.

Homemade Granola Penang, Shia's cute shop, The shop on Church St Gaut, Georgetown

We were greeted by Alishia and Ke Wynn, the  young owners of Shias Granola. The passion for their business and a desire to provide a quality health product for their customers is clearly evident. Ke Wynn is also a Private Fitness Trainer so if you feel that you’re in need of a work out or just need to improve your general health then give him a call. Remember, achieving good health is holistic. Exercise and good food go hand in hand!

We perched at the counter on two high stools and with watering mouths we watched the making of our Granola Bowl Smoothies. The Patient Partner opted for the Peachy Mango whilst I couldn’t resist the thought of Choc Banana, a blend of yogurt, banana, peanut butter, cocoa, chia seed & Granola. The P.P’s was a mix of peach, mango, yogurt, chia & Granola.

Shia's Homemade Granola, Mango & Peach Granola, Peachy Mango Granola Bowl

Our oohs! and aahs! as we ate proved they were not only very moorish,  but also a cool & refreshing treat in such hot weather. The Granola was deliciously nutty  and thankfully not overly sweet.

Choc Banana Granola Bowl, Shia's Homemade Granola, Delicious GranolaChoc Banana Granola Bowl

As well as their homemade granolas Shia’s also retail a range of  products made locally by other entrepreneurial young Penangites, such as Jams, nut butters, Ginger Beer and teas. Apart from the teas we have had the pleasure of eating and drinking all of these products as most are made by friends, and we can highly recommend them.

Hand Crafted Flower Teas at Shia's Granola ShopHand Crafted Slimming Flower Teas available at Shia’s Granola

We have been back to satisfy our taste buds at Shia’s several times since our first visit. There are less than a handful of cafes in Georgetown where we feel we can get a descent cake or dessert that isn’t loaded with saturated fats, synthetic cream and artificial colouring.

Strawberry Granola Bowl Penang, Homemade Granola George Town, Strawberries, Granola & ChiaShia’s Strawberry Granola Bowl with Yoghurt, Chia Seeds and Vanilla

At Shia’s we can feel confident that we are eating a snack, smoothie, dessert, that is not only nutritious, but also tastes pretty damn good!

Shia’s are open every day at the moment as they are still trialing weekend hours but remember that the only seating they have is a couple of stools at the counter. Don’t let this stop you though as it’s easy to take these smoothie bowls away and eat them on the run, or just prop outside on the steps.

Shia's Homemade Granola Menu, Healthy smoothies at Shia's GranolaShia’s Smoothie Bowl Menu

You can also phone through your order and they will have it ready for you as you pull up in your car.

Shi's Granola Menu in Penang, Church St Gaut Shia's Homemade GranolaShia’s Healthy Breakfast & Dessert Menu

Which ever way you decide you won’t be sorry.  I think you’ll want to try them all!!

Granola, Peanut Butter, Sauces, Shia's Granola Shop, Church St Gaut Penang